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Conversation With: TMA President Dr. Rick Snyder Wants Physicians to ‘Be More Like Lawyers’

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The Dallas cardiologist on why nurse practitioners shouldn't be independent and why healthcare should embrace artificial intelligence.

By Will Maddox | June 5, 2023|12:19 pm             Read Article

Dr. Rick Snyder - D Magazine 2023

The Role of Independent Physicians in Controlling Costs in Healthcare

July 15, 2021

Our guests today on Episode 12 of The Cutting Edge Podcast are:


Scott Flannery, CEO, N TX/OK UnitedHealthCare

Danny Conaway, CEO, ASPEN Physician Network

Rick Snyder, MD, President, HeartPlace

Your host is CJ Brock, Managing Partner at TexAssist Surgical Staffing and Consulting.


The Cutting Edge Podcast is a new show focused on engaging thought leaders in the healthcare space to talk about advancements across the healthcare spectrum. It's an opportunity to share with the medical community content that brings value to a wide variety of stakeholders from administrators and executives to front line healthcare providers primarily in surgery.

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