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About Us

The Aspen Physician Network mission is to create a virtual independent specialty physician network excelling in population health management and Value-Based care delivery.

Aspen Physician Network leverages health technology and care coordination, creating premier practice support services for independent specialists and their patients while improving health care delivery. There is an additional focus on trying to reduce the cost of health care services through the collaboration of care, physicians and facilities.

Just as Aspen trees share a common root structure forming a colony of trees, Aspen Physician Network wants to bring that culture to healthcare. The Aspen Physician Network mission is to create a virtual independent specialty physician network excelling in population health management and Value-Based care delivery. This Site/App helps keep our providers connected.

Aspen Physician Network, PLLC ("Aspen”) exists to create an integrated panel of independent specialty physician groups to promote an environment of cooperation among providers and delivering quality care to the community. The goal is to assemble a network of quality physicians and outpatient facilities that could meet most of the specialty-related health care needs of the patient population. There is an additional focus on trying to reduce the cost of health care services through the collaboration of care, providers and facilities.

Our focus is on improving quality and lowering costs through clinical integration processes, while increasing access for patients to a high quality integrated specialty physician network. Aspen looks to aggregate physician EMR clinical and administrative data to evaluate clinical and cost performance of the physician groups relative to industry benchmarks.

We believe there is a need for an organization of specialty physicians that are willing to focus on quality and deliver the care needed in the appropriate care setting. Through clinical integration, independent specialty physician groups would assure that the right care is being delivered in the correct setting at the right time, based on the need and acuity of the patient. The best opportunity to reduce the cost of health care is for specialty physician groups to work together.

Healthcare Today:

In the current healthcare community there are many self-insured employers looking for alternatives and health systems and physician organizations providing care through accountable care organizations or shared savings programs. Many of the foregoing place the responsibility for the care at a health system level or with primary care physicians. The weakness of this approach is that a significant portion of the health care costs are directed by specialty physicians. The specialty physicians are typically involved in performing the procedures, selecting the location for performing the procedures, selecting the medications for health issues, and selecting the location or type of care for ongoing care needs. As much as 80% of the healthcare spend is influenced by a specialist, but they are frequently excluded from the early operational designs of these organizations.

Aspen is available to contract with health plans, Accountable Care Organizations ACOs), Clinical Integrated Networks (CINs), emerging Alternative Payment Models (APMs), employer groups, or health systems when the physician panel is needed. We want to be the go-to network when specialty care is needed for patients. We hope that the referral decision will become easy because providers have comfort in knowing that the Aspen physician will do what is right for the patient in the best setting available.

Aspen Concepts:

  • Improve the delivery of specialty physician care by better organizing independent specialists in a clinically integrated network

  • Facilitate efficient patient referrals between providers

  • Manage care delivery to reduce total health care spending to meet the needs of payers and employers looking for ways to control health care costs

  • Develop "Value-Based” concepts by working with and supporting existing ACOs, payers and employers

  • Develop data analytics and clinical guidelines with performance monitoring

  • Develop a suite of shared population management and support services

Aspen Focus:

  • Seamless Patient Flow

  • Improved Physician Communication

  • Referral Management

  • Care Coordination

  • Care Guidelines

  • Quality and Performance Metrics

Aspen Culture:

  • Physician-Led Organization

  • Governed By Physician Board With One Seat Per Founding Member

  • Groups Collaborate on Leadership and Respected as Equals

  • Membership Approach is Inclusive for Those Meeting Quality Standards

  • Patient Centric Emphasis With Efforts to Improve Quality and Lower Cost

  • Each Founding Member Group Has Equal Ownership

  • Initial Costs – Shared Equally Among Founding Members

Independent Group Autonomy

Even though specialists would be working together, groups would maintain their independence and continue their access to patient populations. Each group would continue to maintain its own entity, economics and management. However, as groups work with each other, it is expected that areas of sharing overhead costs could evolve. Initially, there will be reliance on the existing employees of the groups to share Aspen's administrative responsibilities and expenses. When efficiencies dictate, Aspen may hire employees to centralize the functions for all of the groups interested. The areas of cooperation will grow over time based on need. The intent would be to reduce the overall overhead cost of the groups through traditional economies of scale.

Aspen continues to add specialty groups expanding the array of specialties and the geography of coverage. It is expected that Aspen will grow to cover throughout Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties with hopes to exceed 1,500 providers.

Aspen Physician Network, PLLC

16980 Dallas Parkway
Suite 200
Dallas, Texas 75248
Phone: (972) 805-8524

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