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Health IT and Analytics Committee

The Health IT and Analytics Committee has the oversight of coordinating Aspen's Quality/Utilization/Cost Improvement database design and analytical reporting. The committee will work with Aspen's third-party vendor to coordinate sources of data as well as data elements for capture within the database. The initial focus of the committee will be on those activities necessary to achieve clinical integration, progressing toward episodes of care and value-based programs.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

It will be the committee's responsibility to coordinate activities with the Quality Improvement Committee regarding analyzing the effectiveness of Care Pathways and Aspen providers' performance. Further, the committee will work to develop cost metrics to support the Aspen performance. The committee will also coordinate activities with the Network Management Committee on documentation completion to assure compliance with HIPAA responsibilities.

Meetings are typically conducted as necessary (monthly initially and moving to quarterly as progress is made) and consist of a physician board member as chairman with the remainder of the committee representing a combination of interested physicians and Aspen member administrators. Third party vendor participation is encouraged to maintain alignment of Aspen objectives.

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